The Top 5 Most Popular Flower Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

                      Flower Tattoos are extremely popular today with girls and women. There are so many different colors and shapes-they are bright, beautiful and can be designed so each is unique like no other. Here are today's top 5 most popular flower designs and their meanings. In general flowers represent beauty. A flower tattoo can enhance the natural beauty of the female shape. Flowers help to remind us about all that is beautiful in life and nature. A flower represents that moment in time where life is at its best. But flowers are also real and we can relate to them in that they grow and flourish, like us, and eventually wilt and fade away. The flower tattoo reminds us to enjoy all the precious moments we have in life. Here are meanings for today's top 5 flower tattoo designs: Lotus Tattoos The lotus flower tattoo has a rich tradition and is considered to be a representation of the spiritual presence in a person's life. The lotus is a symbol for good luck, strength, long life, honor and respect. It also stands for clarity of both heart and mind. The lotus tattoo can also be a great symbol for a person that has gone through a struggle and emerged stronger than before. Hibiscus Tattoos The hibiscus tattoo, also considered the Hawaiian flower tattoo is very popular for its beauty but also its unique meaning. It can be etched on the skin very artistically in bright colors of red, orange, yellow, pink and white. Its primary meaning is that is delicate and fragile beauty. It can also be used for a person who is consumed by love-love for life or love for another person. In the Hawaiian culture women will often wear a hibiscus tattoo as a symbol for their readiness to find a marriage partner. Daisy Tattoos The daisy tattoo represents purity and innocence. Daisy tattoos have their history in representations around love and romance. In ancient times a maiden would wear daisies in her hair to represent her innocence. That is the same today with the daisy tattoo. It can also mean purity of the mind, heart and soul and inner sanctity. A daisy tattoo can also mean a concealed truth, something that is known only between two people. Rose Tattoos The rose tattoo can have different meanings based on the color of the rose. The most popular rose color tattoo is red and that is a symbol for love and romance. Yellow roses are a symbol for friendship. The white rose is for purity. Pink rose means grace and admiration. The orange rose is for passion and the purple rose is for love at first site. Lily Tattoos Lily tattoos are very popular and with each type they each have their own distinct meaning. The white water lily is a representation for purity of heart and youthful innocence. The tiger lily is said to say "I dare you to love me". It can also mean wealth and prosperity. The delicate calla lily is a symbol for modesty. A yellow lily tattoo is thought to be a symbol for flirting. Because of their meanings, unique beauty and their ability to enhance the natural shape of the female body, flower tattoos are here to stay and seem poised to remain popular for years to come. They make a great choice for a female tattoo. Here is where you can view a great selection of unique flower tattoos.